What does it mean to "be" a Christian? Simply stating “I believe in Jesus Christ” may be the first step, but being Christian is not static; it entails the physical, emotional, and spiritual act of following Christ. Becoming a Christian is not about arriving at a destination—it’s about the journey. And while we often share this journey with others in the formative acts of worship and fellowship, no two journeys are exactly alike.


Along with worship and fellowship, learning about, embodying, and sharing our faith are fundamentally important to becoming Christian. At St. Mark’s we embrace the notion that we are “practicing Christians”—practicing in the sense that, far from perfect, we do not have all the answers but strive together to live into the questions to which our Baptismal Covenant calls us.


At St. Mark’s you will discover learning opportunities for the young and not-so-young, for the scholarly and the casual, for those new to the journey, and for those whose pilgrimage continues, whether interrupted or unabated.


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St. Mark's Episcopal Church