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Community Garden

We are eager to share our green space with our neighborhood. We love it that people who work on Hampton come and sit in our All Saints' Memorial Garden, enjoying the cool shade and the soothing fountain. We are glad when children come to visit the Lion Sculpture or to play games of tag or baseball in a larger area than their backyards will allow. 


Since 2009 we have made some of our space available for people in the neighborhood who would like to be part of a Community Garden (the "Garden of Eatin'").  People can grow whatever they want: herbs, lettuce, vegetables, and flowers. We ask gardeners to make a commitment to care for their bed for one year. We offer advice and support to beginning gardeners. We all learn from each other.


The principles of the Community Garden are:

  • Neighborhood Inclusivity

  • Pleasing Aesthetics

  • Organic and sustainable gardening methods

  • Shared workload.


The garden is bordered by the church, the alley between Clifton and Locke and the Rectory.  It gets a good amount of sunshine per day, is south facing and sheltered.  The church provides tool storage, some shared tools and water. Gardeners are expected to tend their own beds and keep them watered and to share responsibility for the common areas (like borders of garden and paths between beds.)

Art in the Park

Francis Park in our St. Louis Hills neighborhood hosts Art in the Park each year in September. Dozens of artists and craftspeople gather to offer their wares, restaurants provide food, musicians perform throughout the day, and there are activities for young and old alike. St. Mark’s sponsors a booth each year. Find out more at:

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