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Membership at St. Mark's

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We often get asked what needs to happen for you to "join" St. Mark's.  All it takes to be a part of the St. Mark's community is to show up and participate in worship.  There is no theological litmus test or requirements for financial support to be a part of the St. Mark's community. For those who desire more "official membership" in the church, there is a requirement for (1) baptism (from any Christian denomination) and (2) confirmation or reception by the Bishop.  You can learn more about these sacraments under the heading of Worship and Sacraments on our website. But if you are interested in "official membership" or these sacraments, you are encouraged to talk to St. Mark's clergy or use the Contact button on this page.


St. Mark's Directory includes all those participating in the St. Mark's community at the time of its' annual publication-both official members and all others.  The only things that official members can do that others in the St. Mark's community cannot is to serve on it's governing body, the Vestry, and vote at the annual parish meeting.  Other than those two items, all are truly welcome to participate fully in the community life of St. Mark's.  If you would like a copy of St. Mark's directory mailed to you, please contact the parish office at


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