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How we Believe

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While fine points of theology are left to individual conscience, the following summarizes how many of us engage our faith at St. Mark’s:

  • We believe that God loves you just as you are—and beyond your wildest imagining.

  • We love Jesus, we read the Bible and we take scripture seriously, though not literally.

  • We share Communion with all who hunger for God and seek a deeper relationship with Christ—this is an invitation, not a requirement.

  • We promise to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every human being—and that means everybody.

  • We affirm and bless committed relationships that are life-long and monogamous, but recognize that divorce happens and do not punish people for it.

  • Men and women can be priests, deacons, and bishops in our church, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • We respect an individual’s right to make personal, informed decisions about birth control.

  • We love science and encourage people to care for the earth.

  • We love prayers and songs that are ancient and new—and anytime you want to show up, please be our guest!


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