Communications connects with our members and to the community at large.  We aim to inform and to welcome! We want to know what is important to you and invite you to join us in connecting, sharing, and celebrating.  Working groups include Community Events, Social Media, and the St. Mark's Website.

At St. Mark’s we engage in events  in our neighborhood and across St. Louis.  We participate in events such as Art in the Park, St. Louis PrideFest, and events sponsored by the St. Louis Hills Church Alliance. 

Community Events
Social Media

Yes, we do have a Facebook page. We invite you to “LIKE” us!  Social media tools can be invaluable resources for connecting with members, visitors, and seekers online.  Many members email and text, and some tweet and blog! If you have experience in this area, we invite you to share your expertise!

St. Mark's Website

Our website takes the Good News beyond our church doors and into the online community.  Within the website, it is easy to access the Lion's Tale, our monthly newsletter and the Markings, the weekly church bulletin.