The Juget-Sinclair Organ, Opus 32, 2009 is a tracker (mechanical action) organ of twenty stops. Its French-inspired voicing produces the warmth and color for 19th- and 20th-century music yet has the crystal clarity required for Baroque music. The Grand-orgue division is elevated and cantilevered over the choir on the left side of the galley, the Recit expressif division elevated similarly on the right side of the gallery.  This arrangement frames the west Rose window and elevates the pipe work above the choir.  The organ has two manuals and pedal, 20 stops, 23 ranks and 1,1210 pipes, all produced in the workshop of Juget-Sinclair in Montreal, Canada. For specifications, click here


The organ has been hailed by all visiting organists and recitalists as truly an inspired instrument with the capability of playing a vast scope of organ literature as well as being a marvelous accompaniment instrument for liturgical services.


The organ was featured and on the cover of The American Organist, February 2011, Organ Canada, July 2010, and The Diapason, February 2011.  The CD titled Confluence, by organist Dr. Barbara Raedeke, is available from Raven Compact Disks (RAVENoar-937).


The organ includes 400 levels of memory and couplers II/I, I/P, II/P.  The instrument is tuned in 1/9-Syntonc Comma mean-tone temperament and is under 3” wind pressure.  The casework is of white oak and console with mahogany in lay.  There are 10 general pistons, 6 Grade-Orgue divisional pistons, 6 Recit expressif divisional pistons, and 4 Pedale pistons.  The church has four seconds of reverberation when empty, and lends to the organ a quite extraordinary ambiance.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church