Rector's Welcome

Welcome to our website—and to St. Mark’s! We hope you enjoy your visit here and that you will come and see us “live” in St. Louis.


While we hope you’ll find the information on this site useful, we also hope you’ll reach out to the folks listed on our “Contact” page for any further information you need.


Of course, no number of pictures and paragraphs can capture the essence and vibrancy of a church community and this is especially true of St. Mark’s. Having said that, I also know that no one place can be all things to all people (how sterile and boring would that be?).


What I can tell you about St. Mark’s is this: we are a group of folks yearning for God, following Jesus, open to the Holy Spirit, and striving to help enact God’s dream here in St. Louis Hills—and beyond. And we like to have fun.


Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you will find your place at St. Mark’s. But only you can decide that for yourself. I invite you to come and see…