Vestry & Convention Delegates

Members of St. Mark's Vestry provide leadership for the parish, and Convention Delegates connect us to the wider Episcopal Church by representing us at conventions of the Diocese of Missouri and at Metro III Convocation. If you would like to contact a member of the vestry, you can use the contact form on this website. If you wish to communicate privately, you can call the parish office for additional contact information.


Members and Officers of the Vestry 2022


Sr. Warden--Scott Thompson                                      

Jr. Warden-- Dennis Belieu                                           

Vestry Clerk-- Ellen Jeffery                        

Treasurer--Greg Diekemper




Term Expires January 2023

Carol Hohenberger

Ellen Jeffery

John Treloggen


Term Expires January 2024

Dennis Belieu

Kelly Borowiak

Scott Thompson


Term Expires January 2025

Matthew Cashen

Vicki Stegmann

Chad White


The Vestry is the agent of the parish in all legal and property matters, they are also charged with assisting the rector in the proclamation of the Gospel, the public worship of the congregation, the nurture of persons of all ages, the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of justice. Members of the vestry serve three year terms, one third of the required number are elected at each annual meeting.



Convention Delegates

Convention delegates and alternates are elected at the annual meeting of the congregation for staggered three year terms. Number of delegates is based on average Sunday attendance. Our convention delegates attend the annual diocesan convention in November and they attend the Metro III Convocation (which meets at least quarterly) in order to facilitate communication between parishes and the Diocesan Council.

Convention Delegates 2022


Term expires January 2023

Rita Mauchenheimer


Term expires January 2025

Ellen Jeffery



Lynn Heritage

St. Mark's Episcopal Church