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Building Relationship

Relationship is at the heart of Christian community and two important working groups develop and nuture relationship among people, groups, the parish,  and the commnity.


The Communication group connects St. Mark's with the community and each other. Communications provides ways for parishioners to keep up-to-date as well as reaching out to let others get to know us.


The Inviting & Welcoming group provides tools to welcome newcomers as well as offering opportunitys such as coffee hour and potluck lunches where good conversation can go on in a relaxed and welcoming setting. Many of these events involve food, an aspect of hospitality in which the people of St. Mark's have considerable expertise.



Communications connects with our members and to the community at large.  We aim to inform and to welcome! We want to know what is important to you and invite you to join us in connecting, sharing, and celebrating.  Working groups include Community Events, Social Media, and the St. Mark's Website. See more.

Inviting & Welcoming

St. Mark's seeks to embody the approach that we are " a church with a welcome for all."  We believe in engaging newcomers and other community members in joyful welcome and worship.  As such, our Inviting & Welcoming Committee members seek to offer greetings, connection and information to visitors and newcomers, while supporting parish and other community members through a variety of activities, including coffee hour coordination, newcomers' luncheons, 5th Sunday potlucks and other internal ministries. 

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